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Drill Bushings
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Definition & Technical Information
Headless Press Fit, Type "P"
Metric Press Fit, Type "PM" NEW!
Head Press Fit, Type "H"
Head Metric Press Fit, Type "HM" NEW!
Slip/Fixed Renewable, Type "SF"
Slip Fixed Metric, Type "SFM" NEW!
Fixed Renewable, Type "FM" NEW!
Headless Liner, Type "L"
Liner Metric Type "LM" NEW!
Head Liner, Type "HL"
Head Liner Metric "HLM" NEW!   

   Diamond Groove, Type "DG"
   Diamond Groove Metric, Type "DGM" NEW!
   Serrata Groove, Type "SG"
   Serrata Press, Type "SP"
   Metric, Type "SPM" NEW!
   Uni-Lok, Type "UL"
   Uni-Lok, Type "ULD"
   EZ Cast Liner, Type "EZ-L"

Template, Type "TB"

   Headless Press Fit, Type "PC"
   Head Press Fit Type, "HC"
   Slip/Fixed Renewable, Type "SFC"
   Fixed Renewable Type, "FC"

Circuit Board Type, "CB"
Oil Groove Bushing Type "OG" NEW!
Gun Drill Liners and Inserts, Type "GDL" NEW!
Gun Drill Inserts, Type "GDI"   NEW!
Gun Drill Bushings, Type "GDB"   NEW!
Deep Hole Gun Drill Bushings, Type "DGDB" NEW!
Chip Breaker, Type "CH"  NEW!
Directed Coolant Bushings   NEW!
Directed Coolant & Head Liners, Type "DC" NEW!
Breaker & Directed Coolant Bushing NEW!

Locking Accessories For Renewable
   Lock Screws
   Flat Clamps (FC-01)
   Round Clamps (RC-01)
   Metric Round Clamps-Standard (RCM-1)
   Round End Clamps (RK-01)

Air Feed Drill Bushing Tips & Accessories NEW!
   Air Feed Drill Bushing Collars & Shanks
        Series 21000, 22000 
        Series 23000, 24000, 25000
   Air Feed Lock Liner Type "AF"
   Liner Bushings Type "AF"
   Lock Nuts Type "AF"
   Reducer Bushing, Type "AF"
   Adaptor Tips Type "AF"
   Air Feed Clamps Type "AF"
   Tip Lock Liners Type "AF"
   Lock Liners For Plastic Tooling Type "AF"
   Handle Bushing Type "HB"
   Pin Locking Bushing and Liner 
Tooling Components
Toggle Clamps
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The DG, Diamond Groove, features a special
knurl which makes it superior in holding strength.
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I.D. and O.D. Range:

[#55-#39 x 13/64 O.D.] [5/32-"F" x 13/32 O.D] [5/16-17/32 x 3/4 O.D]
[#40-9/64 x 1/4 O.D] [5/32-"O" x 1/2 O.D] [1/2-21/32 x 7/8 O.D.]
[1/8-#10 x 5/16 O.D] [5/16-7/16 x 5/8 O.D.] [1/2-49/64 x 1" O.D]

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